August 2010

I hear Uzbekistan is Nice

I just want to cry. And then, I want a new homeland.

I am a Bhains

I am a bhains. I am now dead. You must have read, recently, a particularly elegiac treatment of the last moments of a prostrate brown-and-white brindled cow in your favorite newspaper. I didn't read it, but I was told about it. Cow? I said to myself. Cow? We are talking about southern Punjab, yes? Sure [...]

Law & Order: Mughal Sindh

This was also a seminar paper, long while ago. However, this one became a conference paper (which I gave at Madison) and then I thought of trying to turn it into an article but never managed to do it. If any enterprising editors reading this, want it, I would be happy to send it. Law [...]

From the Department of Unfinished Business

Some of you may be old enough to remember a letter to an academic journal that Sepoy posted last February. Below, I furnish the piece of writing in question for those who are curious. The article, on the portrayal of terrorists in Indian cinema, was written in 2002. It was, I like to think, fresh [...]

Syed Ahmed Khan and Urdu

I wrote this many, many moons ago, for a seminar - actually my first year in grad school. Legally, I am no longer responsible for its contents, but I thought I'd share at least the primary source material, here. …We cannot for a moment imagine that the Government will forsake and ignore us or allow [...]

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