August 2010

I hear Uzbekistan is Nice

I just want to cry. And then, I want a new homeland.

I am a Bhains

I am a bhains. I am now dead. You must have read, recently, a particularly elegiac treatment of the last moments of a prostrate brown-and-white brindled cow in your favorite newspaper. I didn't read it, but I was told about it. Cow? I said to myself. Cow? We are talking about southern Punjab, yes? Sure [...]

Law & Order: Mughal Sindh

This was also a seminar paper, long while ago. However, this one became a conference paper (which I gave at Madison) and then I thought of trying to turn it into an article but never managed to do it. If any enterprising editors reading this, want it, I would be happy to send it. Law [...]

From the Department of Unfinished Business

Some of you may be old enough to remember a letter to an academic journal that Sepoy posted last February. Below, I furnish the piece of writing in question for those who are curious. The article, on the portrayal of terrorists in Indian cinema, was written in 2002. It was, I like to think, fresh [...]

Syed Ahmed Khan and Urdu

I wrote this many, many moons ago, for a seminar - actually my first year in grad school. Legally, I am no longer responsible for its contents, but I thought I'd share at least the primary source material, here. …We cannot for a moment imagine that the Government will forsake and ignore us or allow [...]

Pakistan Flood 2010 Continues

Follow the #pkfloods on Twitter for latest, as always. 20 million people affected. To be "affected" means to somehow be in need of humanitarian assistance because of the flooding. As of Saturday the official death toll was 1,384, with 1,680 people reported as injured. Over 722,000 houses damaged or destroyed. 6 million people do not [...]

Donate for Pakistan Flood 2010

The flooding in Pakistan is beyond imagination. You can see some of the heart-wrenching imagery here and here. IN USA: Those in America can TXT "SWAT" to 50555 and it will give $10 dollars to UNHCR-PK. Otherwise, please donate via any of the organizations listed here. You can also contribute to the MercyCorps initiative Relief4Pakistan. [...]

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