July 2010

This history is hindoo

Just wanted to note here that I taped a show with Worldview last week on Zaid Hamid. Apparently it was posted on the official Syed Zaid Hamid facebook group which generated a lot of comments. Some of the wise ones went over to the CPR site as well, and left comments. I gathered some choice [...]

Letter from Berlin

I am still -swamped- but thought I'd let y'all know of this first (hesitant) piece I wrote about Berlin and which appeared in Express Tribune's Sunday Magazine this past weekend. The print layout is nicer so here it is embedded.


I will update this with other hospitalities in the war zone as I encounter more data points. Others please contribute. Date 2007-02-07 00:00:00 Following the formal discussion, they set a table of finger foods and chi [sic]. We continued to talk discussing more personal histories and the two officers were very open and candid. We [...]

Make Humans Again

Sonam Kachru, a dear friend and colleague, gave us a beautifully rendered translation of Habba Khatun some days back. He has now finished an essay set to appear in Greater Kashmir containing a set of poems translated by him - along with the line drawings of Malik Sajad- which is part of a broader co-operative [...]

The Reluctant Feudalist

An essay by Daisy Rockwell. Har qatl di e jar zan zamin zar Three things for which we kill-- Land, women and gold. Punjabi proverb (quoted at the beginning of Daniyal Mueenuddin’s In Other Rooms, Other Wonders) I. Gold They have not the foggiest idea that they cannot tame him. Such a man belongs to [...]

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