April 2010

On the Life of the Mind

This was written a little while ago, and with an eye to comment on a report on Pakistani higher education. I think it suffers a bit, thus decontextualized, but hey. The citation for the 2009 report I mention is (I don't know why the footnote or hyper-link didn't make it into the column): Athar Osama, [...]

The Good Times Are Killing Me

See previously, Our Wild Frontiers...

World Exclusive: Lost Verses of Iqbal

C.M Naim sends along a world exclusive to the CM audience about a copy ad written by none other than the Muhammad Iqbal. This is big, folks. If Walt Whitman had endorsed a New England Clam Chowder company, it wouldn't be as big: While looking around in a forgotten public library at Shimla I came [...]


I know all of you are super-busy, so I won't, like, write 3000 words on the 18th amendment's passage or even 2000 words on what I think will forever be known as the Last Summer of Water in Pakistan. So, instead, here are the pictures which really, really deserve a lot of words. All were [...]

Songs of Blood and Sword

I think my favorite part of Fatima Bhutto's Songs of Blood and Sword is the conversation she has with the octogenarian Samuel Huntington at Harvard about her father who took a class with him. It is a brilliant little scene full of awkwardness and confusion. I don't have the book here, else I would just [...]

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