February 2010

Book Buying in South Asia: call for submissions

Update: Deadline is one week from today-- Sunday, March 7, 2010 at 12 noon EST Dear Readers, I am working on a post about book buying, browsing, searching in South Asia. I would like to solicit from you anecdotes and stories about looking for books in any language other than English while in South Asia. [...]

Flyover Country

The commercial would begin with a shot of a blue-green planet afloat in dark space. Then, with instant thousand-fold magnification, the camera would digitally zoom into the part of the landmass in the northern hemisphere that lies above the Indian Ocean, the subcontinent flecked closer to the top of the screen by the white crest [...]

Beyond Crisis: Re-evaluating Pakistan

Very Promising new collection of essays on Pakistan. It will make a fine addition to this. Beyond Crisis: Re-evaluating Pakistan Edited by Naveeda Khan Published by: Routledge India Publication Date: 23/02/2010 Pages: 544 About the Book Through the essays in this volume, we see how the failure of the state becomes a moment to ruminate [...]

Nine Lives

"When you walk you are freed from the worries of ordinary life" - Kanai Das Baul. "I know it is not exactly like every family, but in this burning ground, in this place of sorrow, we have found new hope." - Manisha Ma. There are nine lives but eleven stories. Prasannamati Mataji and Prayogamati, Jain [...]

Particularities of Partition II

[Acknowledgments: This paper was part of a conference panel; I want to thank my fantastic co-panelists: Abhijeet Paul and Anis Ahmed who wrote about Bengali literature; and the unfailingly insightful Aditya Adarkar, our discussant. I want to especially thank Richard Delacy, whose many keen insights into the use and abuse of Manto have most definitely [...]

Particularities of Partition Literature I

[Sepoy notes: I have badgered Lapata to release some of her academic writings here on CM. They are excellent bits of research and analysis - which deserve a wide, global audience - also because we are talking about a revolution. This paper, Particularities of Partition Literature: Looking Beyond the Master Narratives of Partition Studies, was [...]


3 QUARKS DAILY PRIZE IN ARTS & LITERATURE: We are now going to do the Arts and Literature Prizes, and here's how it will work: we will soon begin accepting nominations for this prize. After the nominating period is over, there will be a round of voting by our readers which will narrow down the [...]

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