January 2010

Mirza Ghalib

With thanks to Francesca Orsini, Alok Rai and his family, and Fran Pritchett, we have a scan of the only photo portrait of Mirza Asadullah Ghalib. Incredible.

On Worldview

I am slowly cooking some posts - in the meantime, I discussed Pakistan/US on Worldview yesterday. Have a listen, why doncha?

French Tales

Le Roi de Lahore (1877) was the second opera written by Jules Massenet (1842-1912). The tale depicts the romance of the King Alim and the temple girl Sita against the backdrop of Mahmoud Ghazni's invasion of Lahore. ((Sita is at the temple in Lahore, where Timour, the head priest, jealously guards her while Scindia, her [...]

Simon Digby, Historian

Via Naim Sahib comes the sad news that Simon Digby, 79, passed away in Delhi. Anyone who has touched any scholarly/popular work on medieval to colonial India - esp. aspects of religion and art - has seen the fruits of his amazing intellect reflected in those works. I will try and find a full biography [...]

A Message from Kathy Kelly

Speaking Truth to Power by Kathy Kelly January 8, 2010 There’s a phrase originating with the peace activism of the American Quaker movement: “Speak Truth to Power.” One can hardly speak more directly to power than addressing the Presidential Administration of the United States. This past October, students at Islamabad’s Islamic International University had a [...]

`Critical Foreign Language’

And a bit behind the curve: S. 1010: National Foreign Language Coordination Act of 2009

Obligatory Avatar Post

But the problem with my analysis is, you will say, that Cameron is not the Department of State or Labor nor is he the official mouthpiece of some quasi-empire. You would be right. Yet Avatar is consensus. It is the consensus of nearly $300 million dollars - pored over every lovingly rendered pixel flesh and [...]


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