December 2009

Oh, End It Already

Gentle Readers, I wish you all a best of 2010. Posting will be sparse for a little while but I hope to pick it up in the new year with tons of exciting insight into celebrity lives. yours, sepoy.

More Failures

My friend Atiya Khan has a piece in The Platypus Review, The poverty of Pakistan’s politics (PPP), in which she takes me and Faisal Devji (finally, together!) to task for making "concessions to the Right" by not understanding, or not conceptualizing, or not realizing the "crypto-fascism" of the Taliban. This, accordingly, corresponds to the death [...]

Once More With Feelings

"Yet the Army leadership is refusing to strike at the heart of the Taliban command in Baluchistan Province." declares another editorial from NYT today. If only these Pakistanis would realize - why won't they just realize - that this is their wars, not ours. Think back to March 2009. Then, the Taliban were on a [...]

The Sunday Paradigm

Sundays in Berlin are quiet affairs. The usual shops are all closed - groceries, pharmacies, booksellers, fruit vendors, bike shops, bakeries, discount stores. You get the picture. In some U-bahn stations, in some busy corners, there would be a lone bakery, a hold-out grocer. New Berliners, such as myself, collect these informational nugget, knowing that [...]

The Seth Jones Experience

Seth G. Jones, the author of “In the Graveyard of Empires: America’s War in Afghanistan,” is a civilian adviser to the American military. One of the brains behind President Obama's Afghanistan policy Seth G. Jones, of RAND & McCrystal has a particularly unhinged op-ed in today's NYT: Take the War to Pakistan. The United States [...]

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