September 2009

Do With It What You Will

This, for some strange reason, popped up from the archives of my email. All of us, even when we think we have noted every tiny detail, resort to set pieces which have already been staged often enough by others. We try to reproduce the reality, but the harder we try, the more we find the [...]


I recently picked up Hyderabad: A Biography by Narendra Luther but gave up a little too soon into it. I need to furnish a lot more context of the 19th c. city into a course I am planning for next term. A classic in the field is Margit Pernau's The Passing of Patrimonialism: Politics and [...]

On Higher Education in Pakistan II

Continuing in the "catching up" mode ... I really should have more to say about this [via biryanilady] but, I am just happy that Muhammad Boota exists. That aside, let us turn, briefly, to this report: Pakistan's reform experiment. Co-authored by some luminaries, the study takes stock of one of the two singing canaries of [...]

Berlin Snaps I

I must say that this long hiatus has made me lose my blogging legs. Weird. It's like I have never done this before. As usual, instead of sitting down and writing a long, thoughtful piece on the art of staying in touch with my ghostly audience, I thought I'd upload some random pics I have [...]

Unnoted Things

There are probably no more readers left, but CM is exiting its long hiatus. Just to catch up, here are a few things I, um, failed to note properly. 1. On the Jaswant/Jinnah "Controversy", one can begin with this op-ed by Sugata Bose, Why Jinnah Matters and then continue to Naim Sahib's front-page corrective, Jaswant [...]

Aditya Behl 1966-2009

updated below the fold... You may have read about the sudden and tragic passing away of a fine scholar, Aditya Behl. It is a great loss not only to his family and friends but also to the field of South Asian Literature. His translation of Shattari's Madhumalati (2000) was pitch-perfect and a valuable addition to [...]


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