August 2009

Summer Slumber

It is time for the annual CM slumber. I may poke my nose here if something compels but, really, I have a move to plan and execute. In the meantime, you can satiate yourself on my (in)frequent shoutouts on twitter. Sepoy, twit follow me on Twitter

SA Academic Bloggers Untie!

I am still in the weeds. But, classes are about to start around towns and I just got a note from a new blogger and graduate student, Mircae - which reminded me to put up a general call for SA academic blogs. If you have one, or read one, put it up here in the [...]

Unification and Swat Now! 2009

Below the fold, two great events in NYC coming up. Do attend and support. In response to attacks in Mumbai and Lahore In response to the violence in PAKISTAN and INDIA THE BROWNSTAR REVOLUTION presents.... UNIFICATION: A DEMONSTRATION FOR PEACE 10 PM, FRI, AUG 14 INTO SAT, AUG 15 UNIFYING THE PAKISTANI AND INDIAN INDEPENDENCE [...]


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