July 2009

K. K. Aziz 1927-2009

K. K. Aziz, one of the finest historians of Pakistan, is no more. It is a great loss. I had planned on writing a fuller obit but Adil Najam has done a splendid job. Also see K. K. Aziz on Lahore

Three Poets & A Country

An event in Chicago. Friday, July 10th @ 6 at Mess Hall. Blurb below. Hope folks can make it. Even though Pakistan dominates the news cycle as a new front in Obama’s war, it remains a country strangely bereft of context - even history. We learn of radicalization of its population, of the march of [...]

A Contract With The Devil

is still a binding contract. A close friend of CM (farangi) has been going through some rough times lately. He contract was unlawfully terminated by his employers. You can read the sordid details in David Moltz, So Sue Me, July 6, 2009. You can drop him a line of support here or stevemarlowe at hotmail [...]

The Life and Death of Ahmad, T.

Nina Bernstein, Piecing Together an Immigrant’s Life the U.S. Refused to See, New York Times, July 5, 2009: In the end, his body went back in a box to his native village, to be buried by his Pakistani widow and their two children, conceived on his only two trips home in a dozen years. He [...]


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