June 2009

Still Lives

I really don't know what is going on here. or here. or here. or here. or here. or here. or here. or here. But, I totally know what's going on here. Jack Wilkes for LIFE in India, 1945. There are some amazing shots of Jinnah, and perhaps the best visual depiction of the true colonial [...]

Guns Optional

We want to keep this American here

Two inspiring Americans to read about today: I. Saving a Kashmiri Village After Remaking His Life, NYT, June 25 2009, tells the story of Todd Shea and his hospital, Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services, in Chikar. There is a video-essay attached to the story that you should watch. Shea's flickr stream. And a link for you [...]

They Serve Daal after Funerals

Beat extremists you can, says Obama, Anwar Iqbal, DawnTV, June 21, 2009 Any plan to visit Pakistan in the near future?’ ‘I would love to visit. As you know, I had Pakistani roommates in college who were very close friends of mine. I went to visit them when I was still in college; was in [...]

Dard Vachor Da II

Shah Hussain (1539-94), known more popularly as Lal Hussain, was born in Lahore. He was a sufi in the Qadiri order, prone to expressing his devotion through song, mystical dance and exuberance. Naturally, he had a rough time with some of the elders in Lahore who looked askance at his public repudiation of beards and [...]

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya III

"I'm the second Khan winning a World Cup for Pakistan, so I'm very proud of my Khans," said Younis. "This is my dream. I dreamed all the time of lifting the World Cup. My thinking in all my career is that I will be remembered for a team like 1992. I was not in the [...]

Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya II

If it worked for Zia, it could work for Zardari. Pakistan beat SA in ICC Twenty20 World Cup Semis. Why not? ps. I cannot believe my blood pressure still goes up watching these things.

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