April 2009

Lahore Snaps XIII: Best Kept Secrets

My recent trip to Lahore, I happened to find myself in the Cypher Bureau. Thought I'd share some surreptitious snaps that I took. Click through to see bigger versions, cleaner text.

Will Pakistan Become a Theocracy? III

I. Dear NYT editorial page, Let's talk. I know you are really into this ____ miles from Islamabad schtick. It is a good schtick. Mainly because your dwindling readership cannot actually place Islamabad on a map. Nor do they have any sense of its physicality. Can you name a prominent landmark in Islamabad? Do you [...]

The Silence of the Lawyers Movement

Naim Sahib in Outlook India on the plight of Sikh families under the Swat deal: Islamic ‘Adl in Orakzai. It is worth reading in full, and I wanted to highlight this pertinent call to the lawyers movement... [glossary: 'adl (justice), jizya (property tax levied on conquered populations), dhimmis (non-Muslims under Muslim rule), fiqh (jurisprudence), bid'ah [...]

South Asia: The Field

If one was interested in plunging the murky depths of the ways in which US academia began to study "South Asia" - specifically within the Area Studies framework, one could begin with these preliminary sources: W. Norman Brown. "South Asia Studies: A History," The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 356 [...]

Iqbal Bano, 1935-2009

My first cassette, paid for, was Iqbal Bano sings Faiz which was put out by Shalimar Recording. That summer, I think it was a summer, I was obsessed with Faiz's Dast-i Saba (1952). That dog-eared, tea-stained, copy still sits on my shelf, with pages marked and poems underlined. In that collection is the poem Yaad [...]

Bats Left

Things have been dour here, lately. I was thinking we needed to talk cricket, today. And, as if by magic, dear e. sent this awesome shot of President Hussein getting schooled by Brian Lara (Mr. 400). The IPL has started in South Africa. India's biggest sporting event was moved due to security concerns to SA. [...]

Will Pakistan Become A Theocracy? II

Read what David Kilcullen, close advisor to General Petraeus, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee back in Feb: In Pakistan, we need to stop asking ourselves the question “Is Pakistan an enemy or an ally?” Pakistan is NOT the enemy. But we have enemies – as well friends – in Pakistan. We need to identify [...]

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