April 2009

Lahore Snaps XIII: Best Kept Secrets

My recent trip to Lahore, I happened to find myself in the Cypher Bureau. Thought I'd share some surreptitious snaps that I took. Click through to see bigger versions, cleaner text.

Will Pakistan Become a Theocracy? III

I. Dear NYT editorial page, Let's talk. I know you are really into this ____ miles from Islamabad schtick. It is a good schtick. Mainly because your dwindling readership cannot actually place Islamabad on a map. Nor do they have any sense of its physicality. Can you name a prominent landmark in Islamabad? Do you [...]

The Silence of the Lawyers Movement

Naim Sahib in Outlook India on the plight of Sikh families under the Swat deal: Islamic ‘Adl in Orakzai. It is worth reading in full, and I wanted to highlight this pertinent call to the lawyers movement... [glossary: 'adl (justice), jizya (property tax levied on conquered populations), dhimmis (non-Muslims under Muslim rule), fiqh (jurisprudence), bid'ah [...]

South Asia: The Field

If one was interested in plunging the murky depths of the ways in which US academia began to study "South Asia" - specifically within the Area Studies framework, one could begin with these preliminary sources: W. Norman Brown. "South Asia Studies: A History," The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 356 [...]

Iqbal Bano, 1935-2009

My first cassette, paid for, was Iqbal Bano sings Faiz which was put out by Shalimar Recording. That summer, I think it was a summer, I was obsessed with Faiz's Dast-i Saba (1952). That dog-eared, tea-stained, copy still sits on my shelf, with pages marked and poems underlined. In that collection is the poem Yaad [...]

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