February 2009

Sita Sings the Blues

Go watch the whole thing, now. Then go pay your regards to Director Nina Paley. Seriously, go. [via Kottke]

Sharif Showdown II

The Sharif Showdown Begins

The stakes for the Long March are finally all on the table. The Pakistan Supreme Court - put in place by Musharraf - has declared the Sharif brothers ineligible to stand in elections. As a direct result, Shahbaz Sharif is out as Chief Minister of Punjab. Nawaz Sharif in a press conference declared that Zardari [...]

Schools Reopen

If there is a cuter, more cheering sight than these girls in a Swat school, I haven't seen it today.

Sunday Reading for Slumdogs

update: "It's a very Masala film". Those kids are too damn cute, btw. Just in time for Oscars, we saw the "controversial" crowd-pleaser last night. I loved it. Boyle & Tandan tip their hats to Company, Maqbool and Salaam Bombay in visual and thematic cues but I thought Trainspotting may have been the biggest influence. [...]

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