The Sharif Showdown Begins

The stakes for the Long March are finally all on the table.

The Pakistan Supreme Court – put in place by Musharraf – has declared the Sharif brothers ineligible to stand in elections. As a direct result, Shahbaz Sharif is out as Chief Minister of Punjab.

Nawaz Sharif in a press conference declared that Zardari offered them a deal – drop the CJ issue and Shahbaz Sharif can continue to hold office. Protests are planned for all of Punjab.

Long March is scheduled for March 12-16th to Islamabad. Its main aim is to restore the Judiciary of Iftikhar Chaudhry which was dismissed by General Musharraf. Along with the Lawyer’s Movement, the three major opposition parties – PML-N, JI, TeI – are going to participate.

More soon.