January 2009

Counterinsurgency in Punjab, 1984-1995

Violent Deaths and Enforced Disappearances During the Counterinsurgency in Punjab, India by Ensaaf is a must-read.

Yes We Can!

Ultimately, we cannot tell either the Israelis or the Palestinians what's best for them. - Obama talks to the Muslim World. Yes We Can, President Hussein! Yes We Can. Those are our bombs, our money, our technology sustaining an apartheid, imperial state. The drone-strikes are huge news - esp. since Gilani stood on the Parliament [...]

Ahmad Hasan Dani (1920-2009)

Ahmad Hasan Dani, the leading archeologist and historian of Indus Valley as well as other ancient sites has passed away. A notice of his life and career. Also, an interview with Omar Khan from 1998. A great loss.

On Pakistan

Pakistan in Peril by William Dalrymple is a review essay covering Ahmed Rashid's Descent into Chaos: The United States and the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. Read it.

Birds of War II

Just a quick line to recommend that folks read the discussion thread on Birds of War [thanks Nostalgic and Aamir Ali]. I have been scouring the local press for the past week and the lines are hardening. Yesterday, India claimed to have shot two militants with Pakistani papers outside of New Delhi. The coverage for [...]

The Spin

He was a middle-aged man, balding, silver-dusted hair, a grey sweater, dark trousers. His belt buckle was, incongruently, the Texas pan-handle. He seemed to be walking intently, with long purposeful strides amid the chaos of the shopping center, his eyes fixed at some imaginary sign-post. Or perhaps it was a real sign, I honestly have [...]


Folks, I will be in Lahore for the next couple of weeks. You can follow my adventures through immigration portals here. And look forward to lots of new fotos upon the return. Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter

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