November 2008

Bombay Attacked VI: Rant Edition

Aryn Baker, in one of the most egregious example of bad reporting/analysis/pull-it-outta-your-ass-telology, quotes some "mild-mannered scholar" who yearns for the return of the Mughal Empire. What the fuck is Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad? How do you even find these numskulls? More importantly what is this Deobandi v Aligarh match that has been going on [...]

Bombay Attacked V: The Versace Edition

Rohit points to this absurd "Roots of Indian Muslim Rage" piece (Jets v Sharks!). Suketu Mehta has the "here is why they hate our freedoms" piece. I am waiting to hear from our enlightened commentators about the Versace connection between Cunanan and the Bombay raiders. What is in that brand that drives young men to [...]

Bombay Attacked IV

The attack is over. And suddenly everything must now be questioned, say the punditry. CNN is trawling with idiotic "experts". We are awash in insipid commentary, as well. The nearly two hundred dead, though, demand of us harsher questioning of the status quo. Some more reading: Saikat Datta in Outlook India: By the middle of [...]

Bombay Attacked III

Timeline to date. From BBC: The fidayeen technique - a rudimentary form of "shock and awe" warfare - was introduced into Kashmir by Pakistani radical organisations that entered the Kashmir insurgency from the mid-1990s onwards. From Guardian: Six young men with large bags came ashore, after which the two who remained in the boat started [...]

Bombay Attacked II

The aftermath of the horrific attack seems to be overlapping the attack itself - it is not over. However, information is starting to trickle out in the usual manner. Pakistan, Pakistani-based, ISI, Kashmir-based, "home-grown" are some of the usual suspects before us. I heard/read Somali pirates somewhere which did give me some hope that our [...]

Bombay Attacked

Initial word makes it that Lashkar-e Tayiba, who have previously been suspects in the Oct. 2005 Delhi serial blasts and the July 2006 train blasts, is responsible for this atrocity. Damn them.

Future of the Textbook

Bob Stein was kind enough to invite me to a conversation with the historians (Stephen Brier, Joshua Brown, Ellen Noonan, Penee Bender) who wrote and maintain Who Built America? Working People and the Nation's History. The first edition of that text was accompanied by a CD-ROM which was designed by Bob Stein's company (with the [...]

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