October 2008

Louis “Studs” Terkel, 1912-2008

A great Chicagoan is no more. My one story about Studs Terkel involves the blues and Romila Thapar - as she told us, about being hosted by Studs in the mid 60s in Chicago and being introduced to blues and jazz at the Checkerboard Lounge. So, here is Studs: Despite all the above misadventures, I [...]

Rachid Khaleeede

Last night, from Sarah Palin, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow (♥!) and Jon Stewart, I heard about "yet another radical professor from the neighborhood who spent a lot of time with Barack Obama going back several years", "Rashid Khalidi". It is a startling realization; one that has caused me to reassess my impression, and my feelings [...]

Savage Mules

Dennis Perrin, whether he knows it or not, is in contention with Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi in a contest of nuclear indignance--which of the two will assume the mantle of America's clear-thinking, hyper-independent conscience, left unshouldered since Hunter S. Thompson's slide into obscurity, and lamentable demise? Taibbi has the lead. He occupies a chair close [...]

Guha’s Burden

At Madison, Ram Guha gave a thoroughly entertaining talk on contemporary history. It was filled with nice anecdotes, pointed criticisms of "establishment" histories and historians, and a genuinely felt call for new directions in history writing. It was also overly broad, had outdated generalizations, mis-characterized historiographical developments and seemed a bit too caustic. I didn't [...]


Change, That’s What’s Up

90's nostalgia makes the best campaign commercial [Via Samip]

Gandhi in Western Academy

Via Rohit, I read Vinay Lal's excellent, "The Gandhi Everyone Loves to Hate", Economic & Political Weekly, Oct 4, 2008 [pdf]. I wanted highlight this footnote which discusses Gandhi's historiography in the Western academy (with a nod towards his memory in Delhi) and his discussion of why the subaltern studies (or postcolonial studies, in general) [...]

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