July 2008

Summer of ’29

Not that I have been burning up the internets lately, but I am officially on a break for the next six or so weeks. Guest posts, should they arrive, will be a welcome contribution. If you write, or read, something cool, post it in comments below for all of us.  I wish you all, my [...]

Found Objects I: Rev Dr. Maulana Riff

Over the weekend, in Hyde Park, I received a flyer from a gentleman of indeterminate age. He was dressed in a garb unfamiliar to me. In his hand, he carried a strange device that, I later learned, recorded his words and deeds for his followers. When he approached me, I was hesitant. And I tried [...]

Blame Anderson

<media critique>Good God, this is some ridiculous shite.</media critique> Oh, for full effect, turn the volume off and just follow the subtitles.

Kabul Transit

Thanks to Moacir, I watched the documentary Kabul Transit. Eschewing the usual talking heads approach - or even much of a linear narrative at all - it allows us to follow some people in Kabul for short periods of time. An entrepreneur, some government officials, some Canadian force members of NATO-ISAF, a yunani physician, some Kabul [...]

A Muslim Like Obama II

Having not heard or read this point anywhere in the cacophony over the New Yorker cover, let me add it myself. The reactions to the cover have been in two camps: 1. It is satire. Grow a sense of humor. Or at least, recognize that this is a distillation of what red state people think [...]

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