June 2008

The Third Migration

An edited version of below appeared in The Guardian's Comment is Free 06/27. I decided to post the longer version here. Think of this as the first of many posts to come. Maybe even one of those book thingies... "Pakistan is in a leaderless drift four months after elections" concludes Carlotta Gall in the New [...]

Days of Being Wild

Film scholar David Bordwell's blog is about the only thing I read on film and this entry on WKW's two versions for Ashes of Time Days of Being Wild is just awesome read for us fans (of both Wong Kar Wai and David Bordwell). I know, long post. But the end leads to another long [...]


I highly recommend that you go out and watch Tarsem Singh Dhabdwar's The Fall. Think of it as a companion piece to del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth - obsessed with stories, story-tellers and the corrosive realities that surround them both. I was hesitant to go see it, until I read Ebert's interview with Tarsem (worth reading [...]

Falak Sufi Memorial Prize

via BASAS: I wanted to draw your attention to a new annual accademic prize that has been instituted for Humanities and Social Science students studying at a university in Pakistan. The Falak Sufi Memorial Prize has been established to support innovative work on women and gender in South Asia by Pakistani undergraduate and graduate students. [...]

Terrorist Fist Jabs, You Guys!

While Hijab-Gate continues to roll across our screens and inboxes, the world was just made safer for terrorist snoopers. Priorities, people! update: Just saw Obama's disappointing statement. Also: First Day of Summer.

Frisco Eating

The only thing better than the meals I had in SF, was the company. More photography of the culinary set below the fold. There are more pics of SF and WWDC and whatnot...at the Flickr site

Obama: It’s a G Thang

Fox News unveiled their strategy for keeping the WH for the Republicans: Next up? Obama shown sippin Cristal? I don't know if this musters a mythbusting entry but one can never be too careful. Gawker lists the Top Five.

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