May 2008

This Boy Needs Therapy

Thank god May is over soon.

Jonathan Rosenbaum

I have long admired Rosenbaum as one of the two premier critics in Chicago (the other one should be an obvious guess). He has now retired from the erstwhile Chicago Reader and all his reviews are now online. Including one of my favorite one - on Joe Dante's Small Soldiers and Steven Spielberg's Saving Private [...]

Lahore Snaps VIII: Dupata

The shuttle-cock burqas that now envelope our collective imagination as womanly garb across the Islamicate society was rarely seen in Lahore during my childhood. It was all light as breeze, translucent, brightly hued flags wrapped around jet black hair - effortlessly matching the shalwar-kameezs. Dupata, itself, is more than a simple matching wrap; it has [...]

Sunday Reading for Speed Racers

I watched Iron Man a few weeks ago in Copenhagen. It is a pretty boring movie - except for fans of Robert Downey Jr. - but it is worth watching for professional reasons alone. Let me explain, briefly. The movie that most brilliantly captured the particular brand of American Orientalism was 1994's True Lies. Can [...]

Tufte Was Here

Pardon the title but being a fan of visual representation of quantitative data, and of Edward Tufte, I really, really liked The Ebb and Flow of Movies: Box Office Receipts, 1986-2008 by Mathew Bloch, Lee Byron, Shan Carter and Amanda Cox. Great stuff. Us historians need to learn from these guys ways of presenting historical [...]

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