April 2008

Out and About

I will be in Berlin and Copenhagen next week. Any gentle readers in continental Europe are urged to make arrangements for a proper sitdown with this provincial, liberal sectarian. Rest can go about their own business.

Flat Footed

This just made my day.

on the railway

a long long time ago, a palmist told me that everything in my life will be hard, but i will achieve whatever it is that I wanted. just nothing will come easy. and then another person told me the same thing. No wonder I used to day dream about being a station manager of a [...]

Sunday Reading for Chee Malabar

The revelation was Chee Malabar. I know, and knew, that Yogi B will be global. They are way too talented and ferocious, live - to not force themselves into every iPod on the block. They are also incredibly genuine and warm. But, it is Chee, for whom I must evangelize. Though, I had heard a [...]


The rhymes were flowing and beat was strong. And I had a big, huge, grin through the whole night. It was the first night of Hiphopistan. I skipped the panel - as each panel skipped, adds 10 weeks to my life span - and showed up in the middle of Kabir's set. I got to [...]

Devji’s Red Mosque

The Winter 2008 issue of Public Culture covers "The Public Life of History" and has an intriguing piece by Dipesh Chakrabarty on the practice of history writing and the lessons from India. It is something that I will want to return, in the near future, for a thorough discussion. But, right now, I want to [...]

About Edward Said

From Jane Kramer's The Petition: Israel, Palestine, and a tenure battle at Barnard, New Yorker, April 21, 2008: Hannah Temple, a MEALAC major who graduated last June, told me, "I left Columbia sorry to have had my academic experience in that department. You couldn't get anything done; it was so bitterly divided. And then there [...]

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