April 2008

Out and About

I will be in Berlin and Copenhagen next week. Any gentle readers in continental Europe are urged to make arrangements for a proper sitdown with this provincial, liberal sectarian. Rest can go about their own business.

Flat Footed

This just made my day.

on the railway

a long long time ago, a palmist told me that everything in my life will be hard, but i will achieve whatever it is that I wanted. just nothing will come easy. and then another person told me the same thing. No wonder I used to day dream about being a station manager of a [...]

Sunday Reading for Chee Malabar

The revelation was Chee Malabar. I know, and knew, that Yogi B will be global. They are way too talented and ferocious, live - to not force themselves into every iPod on the block. They are also incredibly genuine and warm. But, it is Chee, for whom I must evangelize. Though, I had heard a [...]


The rhymes were flowing and beat was strong. And I had a big, huge, grin through the whole night. It was the first night of Hiphopistan. I skipped the panel - as each panel skipped, adds 10 weeks to my life span - and showed up in the middle of Kabir's set. I got to [...]

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