March 2008

Lahore Snaps V: Signs

Some signage from Lahore. The translations are on the flickr site. (Also additional shots). Previously: Lahore Snaps IV: We Eat, Lahore Snaps III: Marks it Bears, Lahore Snaps II: Where We Lived, Lahore Snaps I: Games We Play ...

Lahore Snaps IV: We Eat

Lahore, should you be curious, is a food-lover's paradise. The traditional North Indian cuisines (your biryanis and your karahis and whatnot) get augmented with Sindhi and Pashtun varieties of preparation and serving. Various streets and muhallahs (neighborhoods) are famous for various types of foods. I didn't sample anything, this trip. The most daring I got [...]

Lahore Snaps III: Marks It Bears

I have been having these vivid dreams. Places and conversations continued from Lahore. Waking up every morning is quite a disorienting experience. The landscapes are stuck, the tape paused. I guess it can all be ascribed to jet lag or to this rather unmoored feeling that envelopes me. Whatever the case may be, I find [...]

Demystifying Pakistan

My dear friends will be casting the harsh light of scholarship and analysis onto the murky swamp of Pakistan. Do attend. Spread the word. I surely wish I was there. The Center for Place, Culture & Politics Presents Demystifying Pakistan: Understanding the Current Crisis A panel discussion on the military in Pakistani politics, society and [...]

Lahore Snaps II: Where We Lived

Ancient Lahore is nigh invisible. Old Lahore lumbers on around the inner city. Sometimes, yellow walls and wooden frames peek at us in unexpected places, reminding us that they still await our gaze and our warmth. These are the ghosts that haunt Lahore. Previously: Lahore Snaps I: Games We Play ...

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