January 2008

Lapatastic dot com

Thanks to Sepoy, my new website is up and running. The website currently displays only the work that will be in the show; my Flickr site will continue to display all my pictures. Some new paintings are not yet posted anywhere, as they will make their debut at the opening on Feb. 7. For those [...]

The Young Kipling

As you know, The Atlantic has opened up its archives for free - following NYT etc. I recommend, The Young Kipling, December 1887 - extracts from letters and diaries of a young American girl living in Allahabad and getting to know Kipling. "How Kipling does love those wild men of the North! He calls them [...]

From the Inbox

The good folks at The Century Foundation sent this word: Are the United States and wider international community partly responsible for Pakistan’s political meltdown? Even before the year-end slaying of Benazir Bhutto, General Pervez Musharraf’s abrupt imposition of emergency rule triggered a downward spiral in Pakistan, upending the country’s legal institutions and putting in doubt [...]


We came here from Georgia. Our family did. Horse and wagon. I pretty much know that for a fact. I know they's a lots of things in a family history that just aint plain so. Any family. The stories get passed over. As the sayin goes. Which I reckon some would take as meanin that [...]

Let There Be A Celebration

I have been waiting, patiently and with bated breath, for this moment for a while now. Those close to me can attest that I am not a patient man, so this has been a rather Amir Hamzaish effort on my part. Lapata is having a show! Let me state that a bit more emphatically: Lapata [...]

In Review: Academic Tools

I haven't really rolled the mental rolodex over into 2008. Something scares me about that number. It portends change, maybe dislocation, perhaps an end to the way things were. I embrace change with the same fatalism as when a human, lacking the natural means to flight, jumps out of a plane strapped to a parachute. [...]

Let Them Eat Cake

Of course, one needs flour to make cake. The Dictator Formerly Known As The General recently opined that the flour crisis is not real and that the cost of flour in Pakistan is, in fact, cheaper than neighboring countries. Let it be noted that the price of flour in Pakistan is 3 or 4 times [...]

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