November 2007

Oh Kashmala

I ask you, nay demand, to spend an hour listening to the The Musharraf Government Makes Its Case at the Asia Society. You will hear from such luminaries as: Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Minister of State, Government of Pakistan; Chairman, National Commission for Human Development. Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif, Minister of Tourism and Youth Affairs, Government [...]

Chapati Review: Wristcutters, A Love Story

(Suggested listening while reading this review: click here; don't bother to watch the clip, since it's just a fan slideshow) The film version of Etgar Keret's novella "Kneller's Happy Campers" (which is also recreated in the graphic novel Pizzeria Kamikaze) has finally been released in the US (see the earlier review of Keret's work here). [...]

Tick Tock X

Pervez Musharraf became a civilian today. The elections are scheduled and candidates across the country are filing their candidacy papers - in great numbers, especially in the troubled regions. This despite great debate across the two major political parties, the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz on whether to participate or [...]

Sunday Reading for the Decadent

The time has come to take Sepoy to task with regard to his blanket condemnation of the New York Times. I am willing to cede the point that numerous op-ed writers for that newspaper of record often appear to lack even the most basic skills needed in making a logical argument. In the case of [...]

Missing in Pakistan

Missing in Pakistan is a short documentary written and directed by Ziad Zafar, an independent journalist and filmmaker. It was shot in February and March 2007 and highlights one of the key causes of the judicial and political crisis in Musharraf's Pakistan: the extra-legal disappearances of ordinary citizens at the hands of Military Intelligence. It [...]

Crosswording India

In today's Chicago Tribune is a special geography section. Of special note is Howard Gardner's Crosswording India. Gunga Din, included.

The Cliopatria Awards

I have been lucky enough to be a member of Cliopatria - the group blog of historians - for a long while now. We host an annual Cliopatria Awards, where we highlight the best in history blogging. Please take a moment to nominate someone or some post from the desi/history blogosphere. I hope to do [...]

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