The Return of the Native

I was going to say something but the …


She was on her way to Jinnah’s tomb. Happened around 12:15 local, over 125 dead, over 540 injured. Went off near a few police vans and PPP security cars. Benazir Bhutto was riding in a fortified, bullet-proof truck. That may have saved her life.

The twin blasts were staggered by less than a minute. GeoTV is reporting that it seemed like the combination of a suicide bomber and a car bomb. Reuters has documentation of the carnage and destruction.

There were more than a few direct threats against her.

The city has shut down. Police and Rangers have closed down major ports.

The GeoTV anchor just called it Qiyamat-i Sughra – the Lesser Apocalypse.

Karachi Metblog has reports from the city.

To Us

When President To Us of South Korea visited with Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, they toasted their pact with blueberry wine and Kim played the eccentric and charismatic host, as is his wont. President Roh presented the Commander with many gifts, including the DVDs of “YMCA Baseball Team, Strokes of Fire, and the hit drama Daejanggeum (대장금), which features Lee Young-ae (이영애), known as one of Kim’s favorite South Korean actresses.” President Roh added that “The stories are good but the qualities of the pictures are just as good. These days, there are a lot of movies that gather a lot of attention with good visuals.”