October 2007

Go Hari

I get really annoyed at this "authenticity" business (see an old complaint) about who has the rights to do exactly what for which community. So I really enjoyed this letter to the Guardian about their nonsensical op-ed, The Trouble with Brick Lane: As a mixed-race novelist (hell, just as a novelist), I would like to [...]

Becoming Bibi

Benazir Bhutto has always been less than the sum of her parts - ah, but what spectacular parts! Just go look at this amazing series on Benazir done by CM Chief Artist-in-Residence lapata. Perhaps no memory of my childhood in the 80s can compare to her triumphant return to Zia's Pakistan - the mantle of [...]

Sunday Reading for Bazaaris

Thanks to my main man, Rajeev, we enjoyed a sunday afternoon at Soldier's Field watching John Kitna decimate the Bears with his precision prayers. NFL is way more the carnival then any other sporting event - and perhaps much more taxing on the senses. Still, it seems though that watching a football game live is [...]

The Boy Who Got Tired of Posing

Those of you in the Toronto area should check out an interesting new show by artist Bani Abidi. The exhibition runs from October 25th to November 24th at Toronto's Gallery TPW. Here's a brief description: At the center of Abidi's piece is the story of Mohammad Bin Qasim, an 8th century Arab general who led [...]

O Mere Humsafar

The White House maintains a special website for Barney. _____________________________________________________________________________

The Return of the Native

I was going to say something but the ... She was on her way to Jinnah's tomb. Happened around 12:15 local, over 125 dead, over 540 injured. Went off near a few police vans and PPP security cars. Benazir Bhutto was riding in a fortified, bullet-proof truck. That may have saved her life. The twin [...]

To Us

When President of South Korea visited with Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army, Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, they toasted their pact with blueberry wine and Kim played the eccentric and charismatic host, as is his wont. President Roh presented the Commander with many gifts, including the DVDs of "YMCA Baseball Team, Strokes of [...]

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