September 2007

Say Wha II

About the departing Derbyshire batsman Hassan Adnan: "It's never nice informing players they have to go, especially when it is such a loyal servant and great team man," Derbyshire chief John Morris said. 'A loyal Servant' musta have different connotation in the UK sports arena ... but I was kinda jarred on my first read.

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Jihad For Love

Parvez Sharma's A Jihad for Love looks quite promising and I will try and seek it out. It comprises of profiles of various couples from across the Muslim world - such as Ahsan and Qasim: In India, his home country, director Parvez Sharma documents the lives of Ahsan-a Sunni Muslim and Qasim-A Shia Muslim. Both [...]

In Solidarity

روشن کەيں بەار کے امکاں ەوۓ تو ەيں گلشن ميں چاک چند گريباں ەوۓ تو ەيں Somewhere the lights of spring have surely appeared A few collars, in the garden, have surely shredded ٹەري ەوي ەۓ شب کي سياەي وەيں، مگر کچھ کچھ سحر کے رنگ پَر افشاں ەوۓ تو ەيں The dark ink of [...]

Burdens of History

"Athleticism has never been associated with Indian cricket, nor with Indians in general, and that has been a chip on the shoulder of Indian manhood." Somini Sengupta, If It’s Hip, Fast and Furious, Is It Cricket?, 2007 "Through the same passes from time immemorial warlike races had swept down on the sun-steeped plains of the [...]




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