August 2007

The Newest Oldest Story II

[see Part I] II. I do not ♥ Baby Boomers Aldous Huxley called occult nature worship the “perennial religion,” because it is the default to which man returns when his gods desert him. It makes sense after all to appeal directly to the effects of nature, rather than their causes, when the chips are down. [...]

Dallas & Dynasty

Via Anil came the "best commentary" yet on the Pakistani political scene. You can listen to the entire Sonia Deol show as well. Anil says it is always worth listening to Ms. Deol.

The Newest Oldest Story I

[sepoy notes: A tip from a CM reader led me to Stargates in Iraq. Feeling inadequate to the task, I called a few favors and farangi is here to tell us the story.] How I Learned to Stop Worrying--about Humanity, Ganesh, Bill Moyers, Foreign Policy, and The Strange Life of Robert Anton Wilson--and Love the [...]


That 'story' bit in history: Villemessant, the founder of Le Figaro, characterized the nature of information in a famous formulation. “To my readers,” he used to say, “an attic fire in the Latin Quarter is more important than a revolution in Madrid.” This makes strikingly clear that it is no longer intelligence coming from afar, [...]


۱) فيض تمەيں کەو رند و محتسب ميں اج شب کون فرق ايسا يە ا کە بيٹهے ەيں ميکدە ميں وە اٹھ کە اۓ ەيں ميکدە سے ۲) فيض اج تک شيخ کے اکارام ميں جو شۓ تهي حرام اب وەي دشمنِ دين راحتِ جان ٹەري ەے ۳) حافظ می خور که شیخ و حافظ [...]

Operation Academic Freedom

Seriously. How many more things can the DePaul administration do wrong? They denied tenure to Finkelstein in June expressly against the recommendations of his department and his college. And now they have cancelled his classes and re-assigned his office space - in apparent violation of AAUP rules. The mind boggles at the sheer ineptitude of [...]


Leo Strauss ruined my graduate school experience and caused the Iraq War. Or maybe not? Chicago Reader investigates the hidden imam of neo-conservatism. I blame Bernard Lewis, actually. Foreign Policy Magazine TV interviewed some ambassadors of countries on their Failed State Index. You can watch Amb. Mahmud Ali Durrani defend Pakistan. "Don't blame us for [...]

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