July 2007


Seriously. Just because he is brown?

Textual Commentary

One of my favorite activity in the archive was to work on the marginalia of the manuscript - mostly just trying to decipher but often thinking through the gloss it 'added' to the text. Thinking about digital archives, I have been keenly aware that this 'conversation on the margins' must be incorporated into the text [...]

The Pearl Project

I just found out about it, though it had been announced back in March. In Fall 2007, Georgetown's School of Continuing Education will begin a seminar, The Pearl Project, to "investigate motive and attempt to determine who really killed Pearl. They will also examine the wider relationship between the Muslim world and the press and [...]

Affliction with Little Dragons

Have you heard the good news? For those of us who may have lost hope-- expect the worst from humanity-- no end to war, pollution and the like-- the world has been handed an inspiring example in the form of the eradication of everyone's favorite parasite, the guinea worm. In a recent article in the [...]

Tick Tock V

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, finally realizing that they can do better by not trussing up the dictatorship, reinstated CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and nullified the reference filed against him by Musharraf. I find it hard to imagine how The General will survive all this. CJ Chaudhry back at the bench will surely pick up [...]

I am a horse.

As you can see, I am a magnificent horse. Proof of my magnificence lies in the fact that I was presented as a special gift to First Lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy by Field Marshal Ayub Khan in 1962. During the First Lady's resplendent tour of South Asia, she was presented with many [...]

Letter from Pakistan

Days of Rage by William Dalrymple looks at Asma Jahangir - and Lal Masjid - in the NYer. The piece lacks his usual narrative flair but maybe because the Lal Masjid stuff seems a late add-on. Worth a read just for the profile of Asma Jahangir whom I have admired for a very long time.

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