June 2007

Tick Tock IV

Griff Witte's Musharraf's Military Reaches Deep Into Pakistani Society, WaPo, June 27: "Yet in a country where the military has long been immune from criticism, its extraordinary power is now drawing open contempt from civilians. A campaign against Musharraf that began three months ago, following his suspension of the chief justice, has exploded into a [...]


Omar Ali Khan - an aficionado and connoisseur of the weird and macabre lollywod/Punjabi cinema - has released his first directorial effort: Zibahkhana [literally, Slaughterhouse]. I hope that it gets out on DVD etc. as well. Our ChiTrib recently had Kim Barker's report, Zombies breathe life into film, that I read and railed against [It [...]

South Asian Studies at ASPAC

Guest Post by Jonathan Dresner Sepoy has graciously agreed to let me guest-blog my conference experiences again, this time about South Asian studies at the Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast Conference (ASPAC). I'm a complete conference geek: I hate missing panels, and I love talking about the panels afterwards. My biggest complaint about this [...]

Sir Christopher Bayly

Christopher Bayly, the Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History, Fellow of St Catharine's College, Director of the Centre of South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge, author of several books including the seminal Empire and Information: Intelligence gathering and social communication in India 1780-1870 (1996), a doyen of the Cambridge School of [...]

Sunday Reading for Bloomers

It is really hot out there; the White Sox are in a really bad shape; there is too much test cricket; Lahore is literally melting in 110 degree heat; after an initial good batch, the Marathon mangos are letting me down; my friends are intent on rubbing it in my face; I would like to [...]

The Outsider

It has been all-petition-all-the-time at CM lately. Which is a marked contrast to my usual unflappably complacent demeanor but, if the shit really start to stink, one must light the fire [my grandfather used to say that and it sounds way better in Punjabi. Also, it makes more sense since cow-dung is used as fuel, [...]

Boycott DePaul

Finkelstein's tenure denial rankles badly those of us determined to keep our visions of activist-scholarship intact in our academic careers. Are we to remain hostage to invested groups turning the screws on the 'controversy-shy' administration? Never. DePaul students and faculty are rallying around to protest and being threatened with expulsions and arrests - this cannot [...]

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