May 2007

Tick Tock II

Media rights groups have voiced growing concern over intimidation of journalists in Pakistan amid political turmoil sparked by Musharraf's suspension of Chaudhry in March that has led to mass protests by opposition parties and lawyers. A U.S. diplomat, who was not authorized to speak for the record, confirmed last week that the United States plans [...]

Hey Malkovich, Think Fast.

I have been seriously amiss [um] in acknowledging the [somewhat disconcerting] distinction that friends & gentle readers of CM have bestowed [in service of a meme (those things are still around? {apparently})]: It makes them think. Mucho thanks, folks. As a meme, it has some rules. Like linking to this post and listing five bloggers [...]

Temple Destruction

A commercial was droning by, as I tried to watch the NBA game and tool around on the laptop. Something about Memorial Day tie-in at the local Jeep Wrangler dealer. I glanced up just in time to see a panoramic shot of Mt. Rushmore. It occured to me, in that moment, that I finally have [...]

Kian and Ali

Mere speech against some injustice, against some regime of intolerance or hypocrisy, for some right, for some freedom is considered dangerous, radioactive and inimical by totaliarianian agendas. Such speech normally resulted in the state condemning and imprisoning the speaker and swiftly creating an apporpriate counter-narrative for the publics [Faiz is in prison because he is [...]

Free Haleh II

Shaul Bakhash, Clarence Robinson Professor of History, George Mason University, Brookings Institution senior fellow and husband of U.S. Middle East analyst Haleh Esfandiari, will be online Thursday, May 24, at 12:15 p.m. ET to discuss his wife's detainment by Iranian intelligence for "crimes against national security" and personal and worldwide reaction to the situation. I [...]


Slate has a brilliant piece on the lolcat meme that's sweeping the webternets these days (like a forest fire!). We were inspired by Gawker's success in creating their own lol-meme, viz., lolgays, so we've created a new category of lolprofs using a special lolcat generating website. UPDATE: This just in. New Facebook group devoted totally [...]

Persepolis Hits the Red Carpet

Just what we've all been waiting for: the animated version of Persepolis is being screened at Cannes this week, and that means it should get a general release later this year. There are some great trailers on Satrapi's MySpace page that include some pretty sweet air guitar and "Eye of the Tiger" renderings by the [...]

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