April 2007

Funda Name

"(Our hero’s name gets no points for subtlety either.)" - Karen Olsson reviews Mohsin Hamid's book starring a young Pakistani man named Changez.

Return of the White Rabbit

A response by William Dalrymple Manan just looked through the amazingly long discussion your review provoked- very flattering to see people engaging with the book. A few small points, and please feel free to post any of this that you want to: 1. Re your comment: There is plenty to call Dalrymple on - 1. [...]


Attended a talk yesterday on Hindi cinema after which the conversation turned to cinema and the imagination of an Indian nation. Later, I went to imdb.com to find out about a Mani Ratnam movie and came across the following forum-message attached to Ratnam's in-production Mahabharata. I don't know what the online etiquette is of quoting [...]

A Man in His Time

I am vexed by a conversation today on Fresh Air about historian Robert Dallek's new book Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power. I am vexed because I consider my perceptions of Nixon’s memory more positively than I do my present perceptions of 43. I’m a former movement conservative, and a fan of Hunter Thompson, which [...]

1857 and Dalrymple’s The Last Mughal

There is an obvious point that can be made about contestations over the meaning of 1857's Ghadr [Rebellion] in history and memory of South Asia by simply listing the various terms attached to that event: Sepoy's Mutiny or Rebellion, First War for Independence, The War/Rebellion of India, Jihad for Freedom, and most recently, The Uprising. [...]



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