March 2007


For now, I will let this speak for itself. Record of the conflict between the Government and Dawn 2004-2007. Dawn is Pakistan's largest circulation English daily, published from Karachi.

No One Writes to The General

In the NYT today is Pakistan’s Silent Majority Is Not to Be Feared, an op-ed by the author Mohsin Hamid on Musharraf and the rising tide of discontent with his dictatorial ways. He begins by admitting that he was an early supporter of Musharraf and cites some of the economic booms during the last 7 [...]

Sunday Reading for Bostonians

Had all things been normal, I would have been on a panel this Sunday morning, at the AAS in Boston. Instead, I could only hope from a distance that Countervailing Connections: Islamicate Mobilities in Imperial Moments proved to be the barn-rouser that I had imagined. So, today's late - very late - list of readings [...]

Cricket Woes

Nothing lifts the spirits more in such desperate times than the memory of a young player gaining simple pleasure from one of his first tastes of cricketing success. India's cricket commercialism was shaken to the core because last week a carefree 17-year-old Bangladeshi, Tamim Iqbal, smacked the bowlers to all parts. Yesterday, Sri Lanka also [...]

Lawless in Pakistan

The headlines everywhere are filled with the scandal of District Attorneys fired for political reasons. The White House, the Justice Department, Congress and pundits are immersed in pondering the consequences of such gross politicization of the Law. Gone un-noticed, outside of a few reports, is another crisis involving the executive and the judicial branches that [...]


Oh, yeah. Desis are here. And they can write, bitches. About themselves, sure, but it's all ehch to da eye to da pee in da NYC!

Luck O’ The Draw

The World Cup of Cricket is currently underway. Those of you who care, already know this and I am informing the rest now. The concept is beguilingly similar to other 'World Cup's - a bunch of teams from across the world gather every 4 years and find out how bad they suck compared to Australia [...]

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