February 2007

Cheney nearly goes beyond a smirk

In pictures of Cheney following the failed assassination attempt in Afghanistan, he seems to be smiling in an almost non-smirkish way. According to Wonkette, this is his first real smile in years. Afficionados of the Cheney smirk will remember, however, that Cheney may not be able to move the right side of his face. In [...]

Mal d’archive

Come to my apartment and see my pictures of Moscow? She fell for that? What the hell? I know that the sexual exploitation of graduate students is standard operating procedure in academia ... but this is plain ridiculous.

Zulfi Bhutto was a pretty interesting guy…

...so I went ahead and made a picture of him. Well, three, actually. Here they all are together, as per sepoy's request (below), in a PPP flag triptych. To see them individually, up close and personal, here's red, black and green.

David B.’s “A Bomb in the Family”

Sepoy recently forwarded me this fantastic translation of David B.'s short comic "A Bomb in the Family." Besides showcasing David B.'s incredibly clean lines and evocative sense of design, this short piece gives us a nice absurdist depiction of living with war but not in war.

The One-Eyed Warrior

I painted this portrait of Mullah Omar a few months ago, probably around the 9/11 anniversary hooplah. One doesn't hear much about this guy anymore, even though it's possible that he's leading quite an active life. Since he has barely ever been photographed, he's not the sort of person that absolutely everyone would recognize, like [...]

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