January 2007

Based on Tragically Limited Intelligence

Toronota based desi band, Falak - who think therefore they resist - want you to know that at least one of the 9/11 hijackers was just a spurned lover. In their video for the song, Yadain II - Memories II - the band rocks, 'how do I live after forgetting you?' while the hijacker gets [...]

An Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama, I am writing to you from Hyde Park, Chicago, as your constituent and as a long-term supporter. I admit that I have been severely disappointed by your response to the stories peddled across right-wing sites that you attended a 'Madrasa' in your youth. Ever since the story broke, I had been waiting [...]

Forget Macau

For years, I have carried a torch for Macau. My inevitable answer to any variant of the question, "Where would you like to visit?" was always Macau. Followed by some attempt to explain where in the world Macau was and why the hell would I want to visit it, over such stalwarts as Cordoba or [...]

Monsters of Midway

Alright! I gotta say that was an nicely intense game made all the more glorious by the constant Joe Kitnafication of Rex Grossman. We missed pdcs' commentary and recall of stats for all players. But, I am sure he will land in Oakland soon to the good news that his Bears are going to Miami.

The Silent Ones

Dink, who is survived by his wife, Rakel, and their three children, was charming, soft-spoken and eloquent. He was respected and beloved by many Turks who disagreed with his views but admired his courage in stating them. He was hated by just as many. [via] When I wrote about Dink yesterday, I had written of [...]

Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink, editor of Agos, was killed in Istanbul. Dink had been convicted by Turkish government and given a suspended sentence in Oct 2005 for 'insulting Turkishness'. His 'crimes' were an article in Agos and remarks after a conference wherein he reflected on being Armenian and being Turkish. You can read a summary of charges [...]

CM PwnD!

I am sure you all noticed that this site has acted flaky lately. At first, I kept thinking that it was due to my host, Globat.com not doing a proper job of, hell, maintaining ONE damn SQL db. However, on monday, I discovered that CM had been hacked by some Saudi scriptkiddie named TrusT_Me. You [...]

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