December 2006

Happy Eid & New Year

Gentle readers, may you have a splendid bakra Eid and a joyous 2007.

All India Muslim League, 1906-2006

On December 30, 1906, a group of Muslim leaders gathered in Dhaka and proposed a political association for the Muslims of India, with three aims: to protect Muslim interests, to counter Congress influences, and to support the British administration. The first meeting of this proposed entity, named the All India Muslim League happened in Karachi [...]

Friedman, You Are a Racist Idiot

I don't read Friedman, or any other NYT columnist, thanks [wholeheartedly] to TimeSelect. However, his column from 12/20 is so beyond the pale. The Arabist has the full column but short Friedman: Arabs are a tribe of lying, conniving, cheating, haters who are genetically unable to stop their lying, fighting, cheating and hating - esp. [...]

Barack Obama II: Audacity of Hope

I don't usually read anything written by politicians during their run-up to declaring candidacy or elections. Hence, I have missed out on this or this or that, etc. etc. (you get the point and I am tired of searching on Amazon for Richard Nixon's campaign books). And yet, a few days ago, I walked into [...]

TIME to come in for dinner

Time Magazine is hunched over its dad's computer in the den, learning how to personalize the desktop, search for pornography and make small-time day-trading deals online. It likes the den, it likes choosing the sound the computer makes when a new email comes into the 'mailbox'. Time has plenty of cheetos and gatorade for snacks. [...]

Barack Obama I: Style Icon

First in a series of posts on the junior senator from Illinois. Gary Cooper: Perfect. It's a matter of fact. Everything about you is perfect. Audrey Hepburn: I'm too thin and my ears stick out, my teeth are crooked and my neck's much too long. Gary Cooper: Maybe so, but I love the way it [...]

The 4 Man Show

Jon Stewart has changed television around the world. Witness, the 4 Man Show at the AAJ channel in Pakistan. It stars 4 correspondents - three are named Khalid Butt - who are also the writers. You can view clips from a best to get a taste: part 2, and part 3 - freakin' brilliant, [...]

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