October 2006


I haven't been able to work for any campaign this year. Did some phone banking. And am hoping to do some election-day moniter-y stuff. Or perhaps, I will just drive people to vote. Next elections, I will vote. I don't know if people still remember that Raed Jarrar was denied boarding on a plane because [...]

Daily Chosun Link III: Pukkah Edition

I am a _tad_overwhelmed at the moment. But this weekend, I will post my talk from Madison. And I have some long languishing post on teaching postcolonialism. In the meantime, with no ironic hipsterness, I present a Daily Chosun Link 'o da day: Avoiding the Stigma of Being an 'Ajumma'. The checklist at the bottom [...]

Eid Saeed

Today, I will not go to work. I will stay at home and finish up decorating. We will all wear our new clothes and hug our parents and grandparents. Friends will stop by all day - dressed fresh and clean. We will exchange those three-pump hugs that I can never get right - left shoulder, [...]

Audacious Hopeful

Barack Obama appeared on NBC's Meet the Press today and acknowledged that he is now considering running for Prez in 2008. Looks like Oprah's campaigning is paying off-- let's hope she can influence elections as much as she can booksales. He's out on the campaign trail right now, stumping for the November election and his [...]

Two great tastes that go perfect together

Seems the Microlender Laureate is not just about microlending anymore. On November 7-8 Muhammad Yunus will unveil the new Grameen Danone Food Factory with the help of none other than Headbutter Laureate Zinedine Zidane. P.S. For those of you who read things printed on pieces of paper, check out the centerfold in the September issue [...]

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