September 2006

Truth Out

However, Roy said that many of the suspects had been trained to resist interrogation and only the use of truth serum helped tie loose ends together. My mom used to say that the local malang only spoke truth ["touched by God"] - it took a while for me to realize that he had touched a [...]


Happy 8th birthday, Google. You have changed everything. Remember. Don't. Be. Evil.

Give a Brutha a Break

It wasn't enough that the Pope had to go all medieval on Muhammad but now we get news that Hans Neuenfels at the Deutsche Oper Berlin decided that what Mozart's Idomeneo really lacked was a decapitated head of Muhammad. And Jesus and Buddha. And Poseidon. I mean, seriously, how tripe is that? Freakin' Dante pulled [...]

No, Seriously


On Daily Show

In an amazing display of cultural hipness, The General will be appearing on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight. As Stewart quipped last night, 'I have no idea why'. Ostensibly, The General is out promoting his memoirs, In the Line of Fire [currently # 3 on amazon! {check out the non-partisan reviews (also, when [...]

War on Terror: Health Watch

The health of leaders is at no time more important than when there's a war on. Nations, ethnic communities and loosely affiliated gangs of rag-tag warriors depend upon the physical and psychological well-being of their chiefs for morale and direction. Several players in the War on Terror have been in the news lately for health [...]

Q: My GPA is horrible. Where can I buy a new one?

Today's NYT Magazine cover story by Michael Lewis, The Ballad of Big Mike, relates a rags-on-the-way-to-riches tale about a young football player at Ole Miss. Only the most compulsive Sunday NYT readers will have actually made their way through this dull yet strangely disturbing tale of an inner-city lad weighing 334 lbs. (which figure could [...]

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