July 2006

Great Summer Slumber

Gentle Readers, I bid farewell to you for the next few months. Enjoy yourselves. Have wonderful summer vacations. Leave me comments with cheerful news. CM will return on September the 12th, 2006. A break of sorts. You can read my latest rant on Bernard Lewis here.

Mumbai 2006

What a terrible and heinous attack. There is news here here and elsewhere. I find myself bereft of words but my prayers and hopes are with the people of Mumbai and India.


France was my pick for a while - for all the non-soccer reasons like diversity and for soccer reasons like Zidane. Pdcs penned a wonderful ballad to Zizou, even, to hype the finals. And then. Watch the beginning closely and Materazzi's hand in particular. Well, I am staying with Zidane. And, if there is any [...]

That Torture Thing II

Last night, I happened to catch the beginning of a Law & Order episode [don't ask me which variety but it starred Pvt. Pyle] which was set in the 'tech' world. The story, though, quickly moved beyond the use of a pringles can for wireless into torture at Gitmo and an army psychologist who decided [...]

India meets Pakistan

As I picked up the Onion, I couldn't help but notice the headline. The type says, "NameoftheGirl*. Half Indian. Half Pakistani. Was photographed in NY." etc. Dov Charney creeping his way to sub-continental peace [after solving M.E.]. My blog sucks. Officially. I blame you. *At the request of the model, I am removing any traceable [...]

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