June 2006

Language of Command

Hey Clive, why don't you know any languages of India? "Why, if I had, I should not have conquered India; the black knaves would have led me astray by their cunning advice; but as I never understood them, I was never misled by them". 06-29-2006, 04:37 PM BAGHDAD - The pen is mightier than the [...]

This Spectred Isle II

Priyamvada Gopal, who previously brought the heat to Niall Ferguson, has a new piece up on Guardian's blog, The story peddled by imperial apologists is a poisonous fairytale. No punches pulled. She calls Ferguson a "neoconservative ideologue" driven by "the messianic fantasies of the American right". Now, I happen to agree with much of Gopal's [...]

The Break Dance

In case you noticed, Iraq is kinda back in the news. The Chosen One is up 8-10 points in the polls. The Dems are finding every possible way to not think or act. In the annales of Iraq War, the following would get indexed as high comedy: Republicans say: Stay the Course; Democrats say: Cut [...]

Cole & c.

Philip Weiss has a short piece in the Nation on Cole, with a terrible pun for a title, that lays out how Cole's potential appointment at Yale was scuttled. The concluding remarks by Cole, "I knew when I began to speak out that I wasn't going to be hired. I knew my academic career was [...]

Tiger, Dragon & Elephants

On Time's cover this week, I like how India, the perennial bride, is also the perennial call center employee. Also, it is the un-China. Oh, and in India, elephants dance. I don't read Time or Newsweek so please fill me in here, what is the anthropomorphization of America in business-speak? Is it the eagle? Or [...]

This Spectred Isle

Kumuda kindly drew my attention to historians Eric Hobsbawm, Niall Ferguson, Priyamvada Gopal, Linda Colley and Robert Beckford's appearence on BBC's Start The Week. They were to be "examining how Britain and other countries around the world have been changed by their experience of empire...discussing whether Britain should apologise and make reparation for its imperial [...]

Nomad Fatwa I: Life

In a shameless attempt to garner more content for CM [and also to recycle some oldies but goodies], I decided to sit at the cool kids table set-up by eteraz of eteraz-fame. "The Nomad Fatwas is an alliance of free-thinking blogs and a carnival simultaneously. Every two weeks myself and nine other blog-friends of mine [...]

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