May 2006

Run, Rabbit

"I felt I could understand the animosity and hatred which an Islamic believer would have for our system," says John Updike about his new novel. Oh, dear Jesus.

The Teacher

Ahmadinejad: We have always said that we support the popularly elected government of Iraq. But in my view the Americans are doing a bad job. They have sent us messages several times asking us for help and cooperation. They have said that we should talk together about Iraq. We publicly accepted this offer, although our [...]

Dear US-Visit

Why would you keep M.I.A O.U.T of U.S.A. [via] ? But let Arundhati Roy in? At least M.I.A gets the BlairBush love... (.mov link).


Sungnyemun, was built by Tae-Jo in 1396, the first king of the Lee dynasty, to keep the Pakistanis out of Seoul. I just loved the continuities in the two pictures below. One is from the Reverend Corwin & Nellie Taylor Collection and dates from early 20th c. and the other is from yesterday - or [...]

Rip. Mix. Burn

I have to admit that I am thrilled at the positive response to the Polyglot Manifesto. I wanted to point out that over at Rhine River Nathanael makes a great case for hacking the archive via a digital camera. While I was in the Punjab University archives on research, I must have taken over a [...]

Silver Cloud

Looks like I may not return from my trip home. Wireless WiMAX over all of Pakistan! Couple this with the news that the first prototype of the $100 laptop is out, and we are talking about something, big. Raincheck: People still have to pay. And we all know what the %age of paying customers is [...]

Žižek Mechanics

Great post on Žižek and quantum mechanics by Uchicago's Sean Carroll. It made the innermost geek - the one who double majored in physics and quantum mechanics and wrote fan-mail to Abdus-Salam - break out. Also, Žižek is definitely a wave and a particle at the same time.

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