February 2006

Daily Chosun Link II

Daily Chosun continues to astound with analysis: When Girls Want Sex


From two links gathered over the last two days. One Jain. One Shi'a. In eternal mourning or eternal celebration, faith is an achingly beautiful thing.


My readers are such lovely people. They know that I am just goofing off under the pretense of being busy. So, they do not hesitate to ask of me what they want. Here is gentle reader, Jeff: Dear Mystery Man, I see from CM that you are (a) hip and (b) someone who appreciates music. [...]

Akbar is available

If there is one news story that can make me write 10 blog posts [and a dissertation]...that story is Kabul objects to Pakistani missile names. All of you can thank your lucky stars that I am too damn busy.

So Not Good

This = very bad. No, really. V.E.R.Y. B.A.D.

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