January 2006

Picture This

"... we respect the right of any human being to practise his or her religion, offending anybody on the grounds of their religious beliefs is unthinkable to us." So, we decided to make cartoons of Muhammad? I fail to connect the dots. Also, this iconophobia needs to chill.

Hazaroon Kranti

The title leaves a tad to be desired but Sudhir Mishra's Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi really impressed me [no, it is not an underworld movie. wtf is up with the marketing on this one?]. It is sad that I cannot watch any Indian movie without thinking, 'how would I teach it?' but, at least, this will [...]

Niall, niall

After going to the future, our intrepid historian is going to the past. Now he misses the Cold War. Someone take his keyboard away. Please.

The Body in the Basement

Paging Miss Marple...

CurryNRice Girl

I will hollar at you, o curry n rice girl [thx Bea!]

Year of the Dog

Happy New Year, gentle readers.

Aram III

Thank you, Michael Aram, for doing the right thing.

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