November 2005

The Gall

My favorite bit in the newly unveiled National Strategy for Victory in Iraq aka Plan for Victory, is not that it is three years too late; not that there is no Arabic translation of this Plan available; not that the whole endeavor is regressive; not that there are cute checkmarks next to lines such as [...]


Blogs, Borders and Google. [via Kottke]

Monday Matters

There must be a deep-boned tiredness that comes from working the field all day. Maybe that is what Gandhi wanted us to believe in. The soil under ones nail, the muscles stretched raw; a mind wiped clean. I haven't the faintest. As a child, I went many a times with my Dadaji or my Chachji [...]


Victorian Internet: "The next problem was to cross the sea. Britain, as an island with an empire, led the way."

Ms World Traveller

Ms. World in Bombay/Pune.


My urdu post got severely messed in a DB transfer. I am leaving the comments.


A solitary Netflix has sat on top of my tv for the last month. It just sits there. Sometimes, it makes it all the way into the DVD tray. Maybe even the menu comes up. Maybe a few scenes play out. But, this is one movie that never ends because it never can begin. There [...]

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