November 2005

The Gall

My favorite bit in the newly unveiled National Strategy for Victory in Iraq aka Plan for Victory, is not that it is three years too late; not that there is no Arabic translation of this Plan available; not that the whole endeavor is regressive; not that there are cute checkmarks next to lines such as [...]


Blogs, Borders and Google. [via Kottke]

Monday Matters

There must be a deep-boned tiredness that comes from working the field all day. Maybe that is what Gandhi wanted us to believe in. The soil under ones nail, the muscles stretched raw; a mind wiped clean. I haven't the faintest. As a child, I went many a times with my Dadaji or my Chachji [...]


Victorian Internet: "The next problem was to cross the sea. Britain, as an island with an empire, led the way."

Ms World Traveller

Ms. World in Bombay/Pune.

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