October 2005

Two Things

1. Cliopatria will be hosting the First Annual Cliopatria Awards for History Blogging. Nominations are now open. I am one of the judges for the Best Individual Blog and Best Post categories. You cannot nominate me, if you had such a desire, for those categories. Please go and nominate blogs, bloggers and blogposts. We need [...]

Delhi 2005

The parade of cities on the war-path of terrorists continues. I mourn for the victims. People who were shopping for happiness. Diwali. Eid. Children. Innocents all. No hell is enough for these terrorists. No outrage sufficient. A snapshot of Delhi from Agha Shahid Ali: Chandni Chowk, Delhi Swallow this summer street, then wait for the [...]

Sox Win Bush Lose

I won't say that this trumps the '92 World Cup win by Pakistan....but it comes close. The Grand Slam and the el Duque in the 9th were the highlights for me. Seeing Bush Sr. cheering the 'stros was also a moment. Of intense hilarity, of course. My condolences to my peep, Rajeev, who had the [...]

Blog Quake Day

Many conversations start with the question: Why do you think the aid for the earthquake victims lag so behind Katrina or the Tsunami? After all, over 80,000 people have perished. I don't know. Some say that it is disaster fatigue. Some mention that non-white victims are less so. Some say that the General and his [...]

Quake Relief

Desipundit has taken the initiative for organizing a day of relief awareness activities on Oct 26th. I designed this small logo. Please read their post and publicize this event on your blog. You can find out about my suggestion for donations on the main page header. Other organizations: CARE Oxfam UNICEF World Vision Humanity First [...]

Travel Notes

All jots will get jotted down here. Who is pysched about the WS? I am. Mukhtar Mai was on ABC News of the World last night [as I was standing in the Southwest C line {why do I _always_ get the C card?}]. I couldn't hear what they say. But, she is the Person of [...]


I am going to have a weekend in Vermont, looking at the night sky. Then, I will be in Boston for the next week, attending some this or that. Any readers in the Hahvahd area, drop an email for a hail fellow, well met routine. I am good at those things. Posts will follow as [...]

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