Two Things

1. Cliopatria will be hosting the First Annual Cliopatria Awards for History Blogging. Nominations are now open. I am one of the judges for the Best Individual Blog and Best Post categories. You cannot nominate me, if you had such a desire, for those categories. Please go and nominate blogs, bloggers and blogposts. We need a really strong South Asia representation.

2. I have been asked to participate in a conversation “to encourage academics with expert knowledge and a distinctive voice to use blogs and other internet-based vehicles to step beyond the boundaries of the academy to reach out to a broader public audience.” This conversation is hosted by the fine people at the Institute for the Future of the Book at the USC [their blog]. Please go read their statement and tell me what you think. Obviously, this is a subject near and dear to my heart – since the only reason this blog exists is that I cannot imagine a scholarship that is not engaged with the public and political. But, that’s just me.

3. The leaves peeking in through my window look like heaven. This last item is a bonus item.

Delhi 2005

The parade of cities on the war-path of terrorists continues. I mourn for the victims. People who were shopping for happiness. Diwali. Eid. Children. Innocents all.

No hell is enough for these terrorists. No outrage sufficient.

A snapshot of Delhi from Agha Shahid Ali:

Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Swallow this summer street,
then wait for the monsoon.
Needles of rain
melt on the tongue. “Will you go
farther? A memory of drought
holds you: you remember
the taste of hungry words
and you chew syllables of salt.
Can you rinse away this city that lasts
like blood on the bitten tongue?

Sox Win Bush Lose

I won’t say that this trumps the ’92 World Cup win by Pakistan….but it comes close. The Grand Slam and the el Duque in the 9th were the highlights for me. Seeing Bush Sr. cheering the ‘stros was also a moment. Of intense hilarity, of course.

My condolences to my peep, Rajeev, who had the misfortune of rootin’ for the ‘stros.

Harriet Miers goes back to passing memos to Bush.

Scooter Libby does not pass Go and fails to collect $200. He does succeed in collecting 5 indictments from Patrick Fitzgerald – the modern day Eliot Ness.

Blog Quake Day

Many conversations start with the question: Why do you think the aid for the earthquake victims lag so behind Katrina or the Tsunami? After all, over 80,000 people have perished. I don’t know. Some say that it is disaster fatigue. Some mention that non-white victims are less so. Some say that the General and his policies are responsible.

I really have no clue. Those who read this blog – even casually – know that I have been trying to raise funds and awareness in the little capacity that I have. I know the effort of people in the blogospheres.

I would like to thank E-mullah especially for all his work and effort in Montana. I would like to thank Olaf at Inaudible Cities for his great help. Ashweeta and Anna deserve special thanks. I know these individuals can only do so much – but collectively we can all do much.

Today is Blog Quake Day. I urge you to donate. Choose all the options listed here or elsewhere.

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