August 2005


I honestly don't read many blogs - severe lack of time being the primary reason. Hence, my blogroll remains stagnant unless one of my gentle readers comments and leads me back to their house. So, for Blog Day, I decided to highlight some blogs that I only get to read now and then but which [...]

upgrade downgrade

Just upgraded to MT 3.2 and took out MTBlacklist. Not sure if either are wise decisions in this day and age. You may have to re-authenticate to comment.

Sunday Reading for Dog Days

Saw the 40 year old Virgin recently. Best abstinence propoganda ever made [only if the Xtian Right can overlook the nudity, insanely hilarious bad language and winking adoration of gays]. No reviews I read had pointed out the two desi scene-stealers [Shelly Malil and the awesome Gerry Bednob] who were like the anti-matter to Wes [...]

Dear Mr. Brooks

In your 8/25 column, Divided They Stand, you conclude: But when you get Galbraith and Gerecht in the same mood, you know something important has happened. The U.S. has orchestrated a document that is organically Iraqi. It's their country, after all. However in your entire piece there is not a single quote from any actual [...]

Teaching Bytes

The air recently has that tinge of cold which I have dreaded my entire life. It means that school will soon start. Here at Chicago, we do not start until late, late September but a lot of places should already have begun the 05-06 school year. Shudder. I am not teaching this coming quarter but [...]

Should I stay

There is an undeclared civil war in Iraq. I am not talking just about the war over the drafting of the constitution, either. Kurds and Shi'a parties are busy writing while the Sunnis are reaching the breaking point. After reading this CSM report, I think that the outlook is grim that the US will be [...]

This New Century

In 1892 The Century, a New York based quarterly magazine, published a small piece by one James S. Dennis. It was probably reprinted from another source. There is nothing special about this piece. Working in the archives of nineteenth century, one sees such writing everywhere. I chose this one almost at random and am recreating [...]

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