July 2005

Sunday Reading for Shadowlines

Monday cannot come soon enough. I have things to do, people. The weekend started with a birthday celebration and fails to end anytime soon. Last night we watched JSA by Chanwook Park [of Old Boy fame]. I grew up pretty close to the Wagah border between India and Pakistan and the storyline kept reminding me [...]

i read the news today, oh boy…

Itís been one hell of a week. Or is it two. Or just ten days? Sense of time warped by too many late nights. Have been shaken out of my long hibernation from blogging by the enormity of the disasters and calamities that have been hitting the News. Gurgaon sees the worst police brutality against [...]

Open Thread

Ask. Comment. Converse. Narrate. Send me a note.


It is that time of the year, again. I will be quite busy over the next few weeks. Things are gathering momentum and if I don't make a stand, I might get swept away. What will you have of your lowly sepoy then? My crew, my peeps, my homies are also busy with things and [...]

For Me

A minor windfall of a gift certificate at Amazon. My current wishlist is all taken care of. But monies remain. So, recommend me a book, a movie, a cd. Please.

Ring Ring II

The White House did not respond to requests for comment. KR: Hi, Rove here SH: Hello, Mr. Rove. This is Seymour Hersh from the NewYorker. I am working on a story about the machinations behind the Iraqi Elections and I wanted to get the WH reaction to a few of the claims made by people [...]

That Terror Thing IV

We drift through words: evil ideology, hate, freedom, jihad, islam, community, quagmire. Words that, in turn, become keys to narratives: War on Terror, Islam is Evil, Islam means Peace, Clash of Civilizations. Britain announced that they will start monitoring Muslims community by community. The Muslim community; a silent yet deadly collective to be found in [...]

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