June 2005

Qissa Khawani Bazaar

Our friend bulleyah is fighting the good fight in Delhi. He emailed earlier in the week that Delhi's Sunday Book Bazaar faces closure by those municipal goons. Surrounded as I am by city-block sized Border's and B&N's, I forget the pleasures, the sights and the sounds of a book bazaar. Imagine, if you will, a [...]

Tap Tap

Pakistan has lost the internets due to "a serious fault in the undersea cable carrying data between Pakistan and the outside world". In unrelated news, USS Jimmy Carter is a fine looking submarine. Ahem. In related news, some of your comments recently may have been blocked due to "questionable content". My apologies. I accidently added [...]

Full Court Press

Speaking of courts, we should probably try to get our noggins round SCOTUS, which has apparently lost its damn mind. Earlier in CMís history, I wrote a little jeremiad on America getting the Supreme Court it deserved as punishment for allowing its legislature to punt all significant decisions sideways, to the ununelectable Supremes. I expected [...]

Grade A

Just a public notice and congratulations to my younger brother who received 10/13 [A!] in his Masters of Science [in Sand, Dirt, Oil and Rock?] exam at Aalborg Univerity! He is now certified to find oil in the North Sea and be richer than this academic pauper. We are all very proud. My one question [...]

The Rosa Parks Effect

Today, Mukhtar Mai appeared in front of the SC to plead the case against her rapists. Here is a very good timeline of her case - including the news that her passport has been returned to her. The central decision before the SC is whether the Federal Shari'at Court or the Lahore High Court have [...]

First Day of Summer

Outside our Nani's house was a canal - taking water from the central Lahore Canal to the army fields in the cantonement. On my first trip alone to Lahore - this was seventh grade? - I sat along Joray Pull canal and, um, wished I could jump into the rushing muddy water. When we moved [...]

Sunday Reading for Pater Familias

Love, hugs and kisses to abba gee on this Father's Day. the weather is nice today but it is supposed to REALLY heat up this week. Ugh. Next weekend, the iowocity crew is coming to town [hopefully], so I am psyching up for it. Anyways, off to the links, eh? Prithvi called to attention an [...]

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