May 2005

Empire Week I: Canned Food

The pickled-looking Chancellor Palpatine raised his hand and squawked, "...the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society." George Lucas' latest Jedi mind-trick is to convince us that he is a political commentator. Whatever. I was more intrigued by the Galactic Empire [thanks to Doowan for the link] [...]

A History of Anything

I have been making jokes about this in the recent past. Even thought I'd do a post on it here. Arthur Krystal beat me to the punch. In the New Yorker [May 30th] is his review of At Days's Close: Night in Times Past by Roger Ekirch. Krystal opens the review with a bit of [...]

Immigration Cricket

As I mentioned, yesterday we went to hang out at Washington Park for some sporty fun. The park is an amazing urban space. Someone recently was grouching that Chicago parks have no character and I wish they had come with us to see how much character and life they do have - from people, natch. [...]

Sunday Reading for Terra Wars

Beautiful, gorgeous day. Went to the Washington Park and saw some sports. Along for the ride were P. & friends. It was quite fun. Afterwards, a short and unsuccessful bid to buy a cast-iron skillet. This coming week promises tons of time-wasting activities - at least one of which is to go see SW3. On [...]

Local Hero

They took back the town of Karasu and the rebel Bakhtiyor Rakhimov quite easily. Karimov's Special Forces did. This dream-land of djinns and paries [Samarkand o Bukhura o Farghana and, in particular, Afrasiab are home grounds in those dastans] is now a repressed dictatorship where civilians can be killed for being "Islamists". That bounding Freedom, [...]

Softer Side of Freedom

Freedom, as they say, is growing in leaps and bounds. And, one of the places it is leaping right over is Pakistan. In an announcement leaked to press, and surprising only to the South Asia Desk at State, The General has decided to "stand for elections after his current term expires in 2007". Of course, [...]

Saladin Dressing

It is through Richard the Lionheart that we get Saladin [neÈ Salah ud Din Ayyubi] into Western cinema. In most cases, these were small roles or even just dialogue. His character was peripherally important to the story of King Richard - the noble savage who personified the purity that eluded King Richard's crusading brethern. Hence, [...]

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