April 2005

Welcome to Chicago

One hears rumors that speakers coming to the University of Chicago [I speak here of History, Anthro and South Asia] to give a talk get apprehensive. They have heard the stories of harsh questions and severe grillings. They have heard about the graduate students. When they approach Foster 103, the speakers, all nervous like a [...]

The God of Batting

A few days ago, I hit a perfect drive over mid-on. It was a gorgeous shot, really. The bat moving as an extension of myself. I saw the very moment that the ball hit the pitch and, seemingly, slowed down for me. I have hit that shot hundreds of time, in real matches even. During [...]

Sunday Reading for Quixotics

It is way too cold for late April. I must migrate to the south, if I can. Last night was some discussion of what I would do to get a job at the University of Hawaii. It may not get as dire as that but Chicago weather isn't helping right now. Friday was the 400th [...]

morto un papa se ne fa un altro

I nearly underwent the Catholic Rite of Christian Initiation in the mid-nineties, after spending a few months ravenously devouring all the information on Catholicism I could find, both good and bad. I had become convinced that Catholicism, after a few fits and starts may have got it right after all. The social issues that concerned [...]

Just Another Manic Mullah II

Some crazy mullah in Norway has written a book in Urdu titled Iblis ki Aulad [Sons of Satan]. The book is being sold, surreptitiously, on the streets of Oslo. The outfit behind the book is All Pakistan Muslim Society. What they are doing in Norway is up to debate. Unless "All Pakistan" includes Norway, now. [...]

Smile Like You Mean It

I stood in the International Student Registeration Line a long time ago. Barely two days in the States, I was expected to know which classes to take and how to take them. A california sky-kissed beauty welcomed me with a radiant smile, "How can I help you?". My first reaction, I remember vividly, was the [...]

PostColonial Cricket

Played a few games of cricket yesterday. The venue was the entrance to the Reg. Ostensibly, we were all there for this. But, the sun was shining blue and I had a bat in my hand after a long, long time. The teams and the audience were a mixed bag of subalternists, cambridge wallas, and [...]

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