March 2005

Word of the Day: Termagant

Just as I had convinced myself that I knew everything, The Week proved me wrong. I like to read the "what to watch" column since I rarely watch television. In it, was the description of an upcoming A&E mystery wherein "a fed up husband finally plans to get rid of his termagant wife". termagant? A [...]

Bangalore High

We were seniors or juniors, I cannot remember. The sun had baked the earth of Lahore into clay even in early March. I was a new convert to cricket. Having been raised on the mean streets of Doha, the game was as foreign to me as Gulli-Danda [also a source of shame]. However, in any [...]

Noxious Reed

Rex Reed writes film reviews for the NY Observer. He wrote a short review for Park Chan-Wook's Old Boy. Damn thing is SERIOUSLY offensive to me. I am half-korean [on my dad's side]. All Pakistanis are. It is one of those nationalist pipe-dreams. Legend goes that under Ayub's dictatorship, we were so advanced that the [...]

Sunday Reading for Nationalists

I am back, gentle readers. While the image of me running naked down the streets of Ohio gave glee to some, I must defend my honor by declaring that farangi's orientalist fantasies are terribly out of date. He forgot to put a writhing python around my neck. Still, I want to thank him for taking [...]

Hit Me Back Y’all

[Editor's Note: Sepoy has escaped; however, he is completely nude and wandering the mean streets of Dayton, Ohio. I say this not to frighten, but to warn. He is crazed on absinthe (one of my favorite interrogation methods) and, as he crawled from my front porch, he was muttering somethings dark about "Said's thesis," The [...]

Spoonful of Sugar

[Editor's note: I admit it. I have Sepoy. He is safe, for now. Leave $20m Euros on my porch, or I will read Camille Paglia to him and force feed him instant grits.] Assured poor folk will be able to get meds cheap, Indian parliamentary "leftists" unchained themselves from the proverbial redwood and, at last, [...]

Two for Me

[Editor's note: Sepoy is at an undisclosed location. He's working overtime on strategies to Keep Our Children Safe. He will return next week.] Yesterday I took a case for a fellow whom a major lender claims "owes" them several thousand dollars in "lost interest" on a repossessed vehicle the lender has since resold, again at [...]

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