January 2005

Basant I

This week Lahore celebrates Jashan-e Baharan - Spring Celebration - or more popularly known as Basant - the Kite festival. Now "kites" may bring to your mind grassy hills, warm breezes, little children running with plastic strings and boxed contraptions in the sky. Or it may bring to your mind fantastically shaped dragons and demon [...]

Spot Sepoy

Kottke had a link up this morning about amazon's new addition to their a9 engine - Yellow Pages. Intrigued, I clicked over. They display little pictures of the businesses in the search results. Massively cool. Their how-we-did-it video [qt] tells us that they mounted cameras on lots of SUVs and then drove around the major [...]

The Write Stuff

Via moorish girl, comes another gripe about the literary quality of Indians writing in English about India - again on their "authenticity". I covered earlier the historian's spat around the same issue of who has the right to write about India - only pure-bred and indian-raised and indian-living Indians or these westernized diaspora hacks who [...]

Head Before Wicket

No fun being a fan of Pakistani cricket lately. Of course, I have risen above such petty nationalisms a long time ago. I am now an objective connoisseur of the tao of cricket. But for those that care, Pakistan has taken a beating far surpassing their usual flameouts. Consider this: First Test - Australia wins [...]

Case of the Mondays

Not a good week to come. There is an email burning holes in my inbox waiting to be answered. A lot of work is on the docket for the week and I am not feeling too peachy about any of it. It snowed this weekend. Not a whole lot but more than the past few [...]

Eid II

Happy Eid to all. This being the "bigger" Eid culminating the holy pilgrimage. I had meant to write up a post on the Hajj but, uh, never got around to it. Instead, here is a decent write up of the ritual [and a visual one]. This Eid isn't all fun and games like the first [...]


Many friends have forwarded emails asking not to spend a dime today or turn my back or stand upside my head. Lot of hoopla over the $40 million tag, lot about the corporation money flowing into the ceremonies, lot on the lameness of the celebrities. Here on campus, there are elaborate counter-Inauguration talks and happening. [...]

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